James S. Wieland



Mr. Wieland has served as trustee since 2007 and is a member of the Executive and Nomination and Governance Committees.

Mr. Wieland’s expertise and experience in in property management, the real estate industry and business benefits the Trust and Board of Trustees.

Previous Experience

  • Board Member – Dakota Renaissance Ventures
  • Board Member – Space Age Technology
  • Board Member – Jamestown Community Hospital
  • Board Member – North Dakota State University Team Makers
  • Board Member – NDSU College of Business
  • Board Member – Cass County Electric Cooperative
  • Board Member – Northern Capital Trust
  • Board Member – Production Publications, Inc.
  • Board Member – the Walton Bean Cooperative.


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Economics from North Dakota State University
  • Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from North Dakota State University

Current Experience

  • Governor – Sterling Management, LLC
  • Founder and co-owner – GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc.
  • Founder and co-owner – GOLDMARK Commercial Real Estate, Inc.
  • Founder and co-owner – GOLDMARK Development Corporation
  • Trustee – Sterling Office and Industrial Trust
  • Board Member – Bell Bank